The Public Advice Centre is an initiative of the Lagos State Government to provide its citizens easy access to inforrmation and advice…It serves as the first port of call for citizens in distress and those seeking information and advice on their rights and responsibilites.

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The Public Advice Centre(PAC) is an initiative of the Lagos State Government to provide its citizens easy access to information and advice on a wide range of issues such as the ones below

Debt and Monetary Claims

One of the services we render is to help you recover debt and monetary claims. We can act as a mediator between the debtor and the borrower or offer credible…

Violation of Human Rights

The centre assists citizens when rights have violated to get justice. One of the main priorities of the centre in line with the THEMES agenda of the present administration…

Enviromental and Other related matters

One of the biggest priorities of the Lagos State government is to make the state safe for its citizens. If there’s any issue that is enviromentally related, we are your first point of call…

RELATIONSHIPS Legal Rights and Responsibilities

As a body we help the citizens understand the legal rights and responsibilities particularly as they affect as an institution.

Work Benefits/Pension

A pension plan is a retirement plan that requires an employer to make contributions to a pool of funds set aside for a worker’s future benefit. The pool of funds is invested on…

Employee/Employer Matters

Issues are bound to happen between the employer and employee or even among coworkers. Such matters when brought forward to the centre …

Social Welfare/Child Rights

if his and her rights are violated; PAC ensures that the party responsible for the violation is brought to book and the welfare and general well-being of the child is taken care of.

Family and Inheritance

Inheritances have specific rules that make them different than other kinds of assets. For example, an inheritance is usually treated as separate property, even in community… 

Land Title Registrattion and Ancilliary Matters

It is important for every land purchaser to understand that having a good title to land (what in layman terms is “ownership of land”) goes beyond merely paying…

Domestic Violence/Sexual Offences

Domestic violence and Sexual offences are on the high the world over and indeed this part of the world. The Lagos State government frowns at any…

Consumer Advisory Services

PAC is also responsible for promoting a consumer-focused approach to consumer feedback as part of continual quality improvement processes. The service…

Social Exclusion/Discrimination

Dealing with individuals and groups who have been excluded, or who face particular types of discrimination, is an important but difficult task. In some cases these groups are invisible to…

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