Welcome to Lagos State Public Advice Centre(PAC)

Who we are

The Lagos State Public Advice Centre(PAC) was created in 2008 under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, and it serves as the first port of call for Lagos citizens in distress and those seeking information and and advice on their rights and responsibilities.

PAC serves as an interface to provide information and legal advice to members of the public, dealing with agencies of government, organized private sector, Human Rights Desk, State Welfare departments and other justice sector institutions.

PAC assists government by collating data to be used in policy formulation.

PAC is accessible to all, particularly people in dire need of legal advice and those who have been socially excluded or subjected to discrimination.

PAC is open to the public from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday except public holidays.

Our services at PAC are FREE OF CHARGE.

PAC – Your easy access to beneficial information and Legal Advice.



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